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Secure your dream venue

That venue you’ve had your heart set on may have its Saturdays booked out for months, or even years, in advance, particularly following the coronavirus delay. But even the most sought-after and seemingly out-of-reach venues may have midweek availability, so if you’re not willing to compromise the quality of your venue a weekday wedding could be the answer.

What’s more? They may have weekday openings during peak seasons and at a more affordable price! *Cue the confetti*

You’ll get more choice of suppliers

Opting for a weekday wedding means you could secure your first choice of suppliers, as typically Saturdays and Sundays are heavily demanded days for suppliers.

Therefore, if your wedding day is between a Monday and Friday you could get your preferred suppliers, from make-up artists to photographers! Which would mean you don’t have to comprise the important elements of your day.

So, changing your wedding to a weekday would expand your options! Just be aware that since most suppliers work weekends, they may take some mid-week days off. If you do have your heart set on a particular supplier, it’s worth asking which weekdays they’re available to work.

A weekday wedding can be easier on the wallet

Suppliers and venue rates are the highest on Saturdays because of being the most in-demand day. Saturday demand drives up every associated cost—from venues, to food & beverage, to supplier packages, so expect to see higher price tags galore to meet the demand of a Saturday soirée.

However, if you select a weekday date you could save £££s on all aspects of your wedding. Couples looking to save money can book a midweek date that wedding service providers would be utterly excited to fill!

Booking a weekday wedding is also an especially good idea if you’ve got a tight timeline. If the date doesn’t really matter to you and you just want to tie the knot ASAP, inquire about any available dates your desired wedding venue may be trying to fill.

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Your guests can also save

You won’t be alone in saving money as guests cost will additionally be lower in the week! Typically, mid-week accommodation and transportation will offer reduced rates as these days avoid peak periods.

Guests can treat the occasion as a mini holiday, particularly if they have to travel! Reduced accommodation rates often begin from Sunday night, therefore a Monday is often a day that can work well meaning guests only need to take one day off.

A weekday is perfect for intimate weddings

If you’re only interested in the attendance of your nearest and dearest family and friends, weekends may not be as important. Smaller guests lists also offer more flexibility in your date selection because you’re working around fewer people and can easily confirm availability with your VIPs in advance.

In addition, if you and your soon-to-be truly want a low-key celebration without the late-night festivities, a weekday wedding might be the perfect way to go.

You wouldn’t be the only one to change to a weekday wedding

More and more couples are shifting their weddings to weekdays, between the months of May to December 2020, over 63,000 couples have now set ceremony dates for Mondays. This means couples were already opting for a Sunday through Friday date for their ceremony this year. We predict this stat will continue to rise.

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