Pet Friendly Weddings

Here are our tips for pet friendly weddings at Manor Hill House!

Check the venue allows dogs – At Manor Hill House we welcome dogs at our venue.

We have plenty of room for your pooch to settle down inside as well as lots of outdoor space for them to get out and about.

Our venue has held many weddings with dogs as guests.

Decide what part of the ceremony you want your dog to attend
Give some thought to whether you want your dog to all of your day.

You might only want your furry friend to your ceremony rather than to your wedding breakfast and onto the evening entertainment.

If this is the case you need to have a think of who could collect them.

Decide what role you’d like your dog to play

There are all sorts of fun ways of involving you dog on your special day…from walking down the aisle together to being the ring bearer!

If you want your dog to undertake a role make sure it’s planned and that those involved are aware of what’s happening.

Dog at wedding
bride and groom with dog


Rehearsing is key to making sure your dog is in the right place at the right time!

Although having a dog on your wedding day will bring cuteness overload to your wedding…there is definitely the slim chance something goes wrong!

To make sure your dog doesn’t run out of the ceremony half way through, rehearsing where you pooch is at what time will make sure everything works perfectly.

For pet friendly weddings designate an animal handler

Although your dog may be very well behaved…to make sure there are no problems it’s best to allocate a handler for the day.

This not only allows you to not worry about the dog but it ensures the dog is under control and in the right places throughout the day.

Prep your pup!

Take your dog to a grooming parlour to make sure your dog also glows on your wedding day.

There’s nothing worse than smelly dog…especially around white attire!

the horses in their stables at Manor Hill House
Bridesmaid and groomsman with dog

There is plenty of photo opportunities for pet friendly weddings

Now for some of the fun stuff! Pose your pup next to your beautiful dress for a still shot too cute for words or accompanied by the bridesmaids on a bed.

Style your furry friend

Get your dog looking dapper in the finest attire! Bow ties, a personalised collar or a greenery wreath, it’s just all cuter on a dog…

Craft a dazzling lead

Leads might not be the prettiest of accessories especially on your glamorous day! So why not dress it up with leaves and flowers which will be 100% Instagram-worthy.

And if your dog can’t make it…

There are endless other ways of involving your pup! Whether it’s decorating the venue with photos, illustrated on your invites, included in your table decoration or on signs. Don’t leave man’s best friend out on your memorable day!

And remember! Don’t forget the treats…