Jubilee Fireworks

Jubilee Fireworks are a highly awarded and experienced team designing every display with passion and creativity. They also tailor each show to suit your desires by incorporating personalised messages (your name in lights), a sensational encore finale and/or pyro musical spectaculars with choreography to a song meaningful to you and your partner. This ensures the perfect finale for you on your special day!

Manor Hill House has worked with Jubilee Fireworks for seven years now, consequently resulting in the manor achieving a renowned reputation for spectacular and seamless displays. Jubilee Fireworks has never failed to astonish couples and their guests with their displays, ranging from tightly choreographed aerial shows to Catherine wheels.

The show is located in the lower field which is right of the house. This provides audiences with a perfect but safe view of the display. The wide stretching terrace along the front of the venue is a perfect position for your guests to assemble in view of the show.

bride and groom with fireworks
Bride and groom sparkler walk through

Shows can range anywhere between five to seven minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to perform a quality piece of evening entertainment and keep your guests’ full attention.

The focus is on quality, not quantity. That is usually the best rule to follow.

Our shows typically begin at twilight around 9.30pm after the wedding cake has been cut and the first dance has been performed. We like to insert one last big romantic moment into the wedding day before the shoes can be thrown and the dancing can commence.

If you’re concerned about noise levels, Jubilee Fireworks actively tries to keep the noise down so all your friends and family can enjoy.

If a firework display is not for you, or you want something similar but a little bit smaller, Manor Hill House provide sparklers.

Go out with a pop and a sparkle!