Dog Friendly Wedding Venue, Embracing Your Furry Friends

If you’re a couple envisioning your big day alongside your furry companion, ensure your wedding venue caters for them as well as your human guests. Look for venues that have plenty of space to accommodate your pets. We know that weddings can be quite intense days for everyone, so make sure your four-legged friend has enough room to roam freely and wind down.

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting numerous weddings at our dog friendly wedding venue, where beloved pets have graced the occasion, from appearing in heartwarming photographs to even walking down the aisle alongside the bride. However, we understand that not all dogs may behave perfectly amidst the festivities. To ease your worries, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a dedicated dog handler, ensuring a seamless wedding day experience. 

While dogs are the most common companions for couples, our pet friendly wedding venue goes beyond by welcoming other furry friends, including our on-site horse, Yohan. Whether you’re envisioning magical photographs with your horse or a playful moment with your pup, our dedicated wedding planners are here to make it happen. 

From featuring your pooch during the ceremony to incorporating them into various aspects of your wedding, there are endless possibilities. You could have your pet attend the entire celebration or just a part of it. For those preferring a brief appearance from their furry friend, it’s essential to arrange transportation and care for them on the day. Entrusting a reliable pet-sitter can alleviate logistical concerns, even if your dog is well-behaved.

As a dog friendly wedding venue, many couples choose to capture heartwarming moments with their beloved pets, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

There are other creative ways to incorporate your pet into the day, such as featuring their images on custom stationery, table decor, or as a charming topper for your wedding cake.

If you have any question or want to find out more about our dog friendly wedding venue, please get in touch.

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