Autumn Wedding Ideas:

Defining a season in which you’d like to get married makes your wedding plans much easier. It can help you define a theme for your decor, a style for your wedding gown and even the type of menu you’d like to serve your guests. Autumn weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, especially as it can provide the ideal weather for you and your guests. So take a look at our autumn wedding ideas!

Here’s our list with different autumnal wedding ideas, ranging from flowers and favours to food.

bride and groom in front of the gin bar
cheese board style wedding cake

1. Autumn wedding Cake

Unique cake designs are rapidly becoming as important as the venue decor itself, as they can create the feel of your wedding and represent yours and your partner’s personality and taste.

Autumnal cakes can be displayed in a certain way to create the theme of the season, whilst also including typical tones and hues.

Small details can add a world of difference. So, why not try a wooden cake stand to display your cake or even try to incorporate foliage or pine cones for a real warm and autumnal ambiance?

You can also experiment with different textures and flavours that are linked to the season, such as spiced pumpkin or salted caramel.

2. Chair Sashes

Decorating your chairs to match your wedding theme will complete the marquee and add another layer of depth and interest to your autumn wedding.

Hessian sashes are a very popular option for autumn weddings, as they are a simple yet effective touch to your chair decoration. When tied up in a bow, they can really complement your theme and add a touch of class with a rustic feel. Alternatively, orange sashes are a great autumnal option.

Putting some extra thought and attention to something seemingly simple as chair decoration can enhance the aesthetics of your whole wedding decor and equally impress your guests.

3. Autumn Wedding Centrepieces

Your wedding centrepieces add an extra layer of elegance to your overall theme and can create that special touch feeling to the decor. For an autumnal ambiance wooden logs work perfectly for your wedding breakfast. You could even decorate them together with tea candles, small flower jars or table numbers.

Some perfect autumn pieces might include a garland with typical autumnal colours, including burnt orange and amber. Some couples like to include pumpkins to make your guests feel more connected to the theme or even some candles and lanterns to complete the ambience.

Autumn wedding centrepiece
Autumnal wedding flowers

4. Autumnal Flowers

Flowers have the power to enhance any environment, so it’s only fitting that your decor is composed of many variations of these beautiful additions. Choosing the right colour palette for your flowers brings your wedding theme to life and creates the right setting for your wedding.

There are some great tones to look out for when creating your bouquet for your autumnal wedding, for example you could have deep purples, reds, burnt oranges, browns and pine greens. It all depends on your own personal style and what you like the most, but some examples of autumn flowers are dahlias, thistles, roses, protea, amaranthus and chrysanthemums.

If these aren’t your cup of tea, you can also go for vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows as an alternative which resemble autumn tones.

5. Wedding Ceremony Locations

Your wedding ceremony location is another important thing to consider when creating an autumnal feel to it. Perhaps consider an outdoor woodland ceremony, complemented with fairy lights and lanterns to bring your autumnal fairy tale to life. At Manor Hill House we have our stables which provides a perfect backdrop for an autumnal ceremony.

If you’re concerned with your guests getting chilly, an indoor ceremony can still be effectively autumn themed. The room or the aisle could be decorated with autumnal flowers, pine cones, candles or pumpkins.

6. Wedding Decor

There are other elements of your wedding that can also be within the autumnal themed, including table plans and signs.

Autumn wedding ideas could incorporate orange and browns into your table plan or use artificial leaves, pine branches and fairy lights. Autumn reminds us of all things rustic and cosy, so adding elements like wood, through hessian bows, or pumpkins as seating cards would effectively contribute to the theme.

You could DIY these rustic individual pieces of decoration from home stores and craft stores to add a pop of autumn in a space that could otherwise look plain, which can often be created at a minimal cost.

outdoor wedding ceremony in front of the barn at Manor Hill House
Bride and groom sparkler walk through

7. Wedding Sparklers

If you’re having an autumnal wedding, why not use the wintery nights to your advantage and get some breath-taking sparklers shots? Wedding sparklers is a chance for you to get some wonderful shots whilst involving your guests in a special moment. At Manor Hill House our team will be on hand to help with the organisation and process of this moment to ensure the process is conducting as safely as possible.

8. An Autumnal Menu

The autumn season is the perfect excuse to serve your favourite soup, roast dinners and indulge in your best-loved seasonal desserts.

The theme is already cosy in itself, so adding warm foods in your menu is a great way to play around with your food options.

Perhaps a family member makes a delightful homemade soup that you wish chef to replicate on your special day or you may have a favourite autumn flavour. Pumpkin pie, apple crumble or cosy Sundays eating roast dinners are perfect autumn wedding ideas.

At Manor Hill House we love our outdoor pizza oven, which works perfectly in the autumn season to warm up your guests when the chill sets in during the evening.

So whatever tickles your taste-buds, take the opportunity to eat it all at your autumn wedding.

wedding breakfast dessert brownie
Bride and bridesmaids with their bouquet of flowers

9. Autumn Wedding Ideas for Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses may seem like a difficult decision to make. We all know trying to please all the girls is no small challenge!

However, we have a small tip for when choosing those bridesmaids’ dresses which may make that task a bit easier.

When deciding the colour palette for your girl squad, you can try to choose tones that match the colours of your wedding bouquet to keep it all within the theme. Maybe go for a deep maroon, burgundy or forest green to really set off the autumnal tone or even consider having two colours. One tone could be a strong bold colour complimented with a softer one.

10. Blanket Box

Our final bit of inspiration for you is something that will make every guest feel welcome and warm at your autumn wedding and is a perfect statement piece for any outdoor seating area.

Giving your guests some cosy blankets to snuggle under whilst they sit amongst family and friends is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding for the autumn season.

Blankets placed in a basket decorated with a handwritten sign is a simplistic but very effective idea that will complete the autumnal wedding you have always dreamed of.

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